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Unani Medicine

The Origin of Unani Medicine is from Greece. Unani means 'Greece' in Arabic. The treatment of Unani is based on teachings of Bukhrath (460-377 B.C), the founder of the Unani medicine. He freed medicine from the realm of superstition and gave it the status of science. Hence he is considered as the father of modern medicine and became famous by the name of Hippocrates.

After Hipprocates Many scholars enriched the Unani system of Medicine consideredably like Jalinoos, Zakariyya Razi, Abu Ali IbnuSina who are popular scientists in the western world by names of Galen, Rhazes and Avicenna respectively. The Unani medical system was further enriched by imbibinh the best of contemporary systems of medicine like Egypt, Syria, Persia, India, China etc. That's why this system is known in the different parts of the world with different names such as Greco-Arab Medicine, Ionian Medicine, Arab Medicine, Islamic Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Oriental Medicine etc. In India, this system was introduced by Arabs hence in India its known as Unani Medicine.

Rather than prescribing drugs and giving instructions, Unani Medicine employs a variety of other techniques intended to cleanse the body and restore humor balance. These techniques include: munzji, mushil, tareeq, dalak, nutool, hammam, hijama, riyazat etc.

Unani, one of the oldest systems of medicine is an answer for many diseases, which are declared as uncurable by the modern system like Osteo Arthritis, Psoriasis, Allergic diseases, Migraine etc. Its very unfortune to say the Unani system is not popular in Kerala such as well-educated state, where people give more concern on health.

Now Markaz aimed to Popularize Unani Medical System so that people can have Unani benefits and to build a healthy society. MarkazUnani Hospital is a step forward to its medical college and research institute.